Friday, April 2, 2010

Regents Park London

After a few days in London amongst the crowds and the concrete jungle, we were desperate to find grass. After Madame Tussauds we weren't far away form Regents Park, so we quickly headed there.
At last we had found some grass, flowers and wildlife. The park was very pretty, we walked across a bridge over a big lake. The lake had a verity of duck, swans and birds on and around it.
We walked through the park coming across a cafe, we stopped off here for a hot drink and quick snack. We got chatting to the manager, a ex somerset man who had turned cockney. He smiled as we told him of our quest to find grass, as we couldn't stand all the traffic and people rushing everywhere any longer. After our pit stop we headed on.
We can across a flower garden with a lovely fountain. Then we headed back through the park. We came across a cute little fellow pictured below, a very friendly squirrel. He came very close to us.
Next we headed back to Marylbone Station, we waited for the train for a short while to take us home.
With relief we headed back to the beautiful countryside of Shropshire and Wales. There is no place like home. Fresh air and space not polluted air, with germs and people rushing around everywhere. City life is defiantly not for us a short visit is quite sufficient.