Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Chirk Castle Easter Sunday

What a beautiful Easter Day. We headed to Chirk car boot early to find a number of bargain`s. Aaron found some Top Gear things including a brand new reliant rocket launcher in the box he was thrilled with his new toy. ( later we played with this inside big mistake, it had some power so quickly was turfed out to become an outside toy )
After the car boot we headed up to Chirk Castle to join in the Easter fun. We followed the trail around the castle and gardens finding all the clues. It was such a beautiful clear day you could see for miles around.
Later at home we decided to go over to the pub for a game of pool. Before leaving a Lakeside coach pulled up on a valley run. We decided to wait till it had left. Aaron heard noises outside and was watching out of the window beckoning me to come and take a look.
Well it was a sight not to be taken lightly.
Everyone on the coach was dressed in fancy dress. There was everything from bunny girls, boy scouts, street mime and pink Easter bunny. The street mime and one the boy scouts were squaring up to each other throwing punches. I thought they were messing around at first but then it got ugly. A glass bottle was thrown.
People off the coach spilled into the road, the pink Easter Bunny joined in the brawl along with a load of others, kicks and punches were thrown and the road was completely blocked with this group of men fighting. We watched from an upstairs window to get a better view.
Some of the locals came out of the pub and eventually ushered them back onto the coach and turned them away. This is not the sort of behaviour that goes on in a small Welsh village, you expect this in down trodden pubs in big cities were is the norm as all people seem to do is live for the weekend to get drunk and cause fights or are sick and spit all over the pavement. Just so glad Aaron and I don't live in such a filthy place. Even though it was comical some people would pay for 4 such good entertainment. It not often you witness a Pink Easter Bunny in a brawl on Easter Sunday.
The blue siren`s of the police turned up from all directions as the coach drove off out of our village. The coach was chauffeuring a group from Weston Ryhn.
Jen was beckoning us to come over to the pub, so off we went. We then had a lovely evening in good company playing pool.
The rest of the Easter holidays saw Aaron and I playing games and participating in Easter Egg hunts around our home.

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