Friday, April 2, 2010

The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs

This attraction has two parts firstly you enter the London Bridge Experience this takes you back in time
See, hear, feel, taste even smell what London Bridge was like over the ages. It’s a fun adventure through time. Experience London of old with Romans, Vikings and the odd pick-pocket or two!
The tours takes you through the fire of London, how London Bridge was used to punish our criminals and so much more! It’s an interactive adventure so you might even find yourself donning a sword and shield to repel borders!
There are recreations of the past wooden, stone and medieval bridges, all of which include live characters in full regalia of the time.
You can join in the fun, have a laugh and learn something at the same time. Of course we also do our best to add a few surprises along the way – so be sure to be ready for them!

The London Tombs enter if you dare !

Formerly a Plague pit, the London Tombs will excite you, scare you, make your pulse race and your throat sore from screaming.
A group walks through the darkness live actors are about dressed appropriately for there jobs along with props of chain saws axes and all the weapons you can think of.
Squeezing through tight corners along passages of cages filled with lunatics and zombies. The tombs is certainly not for the faint hearted. Defiantly enter if you dare.
After the tour of both the attractions we headed for a much needed cup of coffee.

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