Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daniel`s Birthday

What would have been Daniel`s 13th Birthday saw us heading down to his grave. Aaron had the day off school as his head felt it would be better for him to spend the day with me. He had become increasingly upset as the week wore on and Daniel`s birthdays approached.
Both Daniel and Aaron were extremely close sibling's, Aaron still feels the pain of Daniel`s death and misses his elder brother terribly.

We were not alone today as my friend Helen and my beautiful little god daughter Abigail came along with us. On the way we stopped off to buy flowers. Aaron, Nana and I chose a bunch of 13 multi red roses for Daniel, Helen yellow roses and we got a bunch from Daniel`s great Aunt Murial.
The boys grave was awash with colour as you can see above.

Once we had spent our time at the grave, we headed to Roydon Park to give Fred our dog a run and fr us to take a walk. We had a lovely time exploring Thurstaton Common. Fred ran wild and free.
We came across a tree full of toad stools, all the trunk and branches were covered. Defiantly a place were fairy's would hang out ?
Aaron was doing his Bear Grylls impression making knifes out of wood for hunting. Shows what he learns in scouts survival skills.

Tormenting Helen with his new found hand made sharp objects, inst a good idea !!!!

Below we found a lost dog. His owner came frantically looking for him after a short while. We learnt his name was George.

This was a fun time Abigail loved going on a hunt for grey squirrels with Aaron. He is brilliant with other children especially younger ones. Little Abigail adores Aaron.

later we stopped off to visit my Aunt and my mum. My mum is staying with my Aunt as unfortunately my Aunt is going blind and can hardly see.
We had a nice day despite the task we were on. Throughout the day we had many electrical occurrences car alarms going off, Mobile phones with minds of there own and radios coming on without being switched on. Myself, Aaron and Helen believe a Little person was very active today making himself known and wanting to tell us even though we cant see him, he is always with us.
That evening a cold presence came into the room and the scent of Daniel followed.

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