Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Powis Castle July 09

Firstly we headed for the gardens which is the blog below. Next stop was the castle.

Standing outside the castle entrance is the horse and knight statue pictured above. There are also two cannons standing at either side of the doorway of the castle entrance. Aaron is pictured above standing next to one.
We walked around the castle through the stately rooms. Unfortunately you are not allowed to use a camera inside due to security reason. This is a rule at all national trust property`s. The boys took great interest. The walls and ceiling`sin many rooms are filled with pictures of Cherubs and gods such as Zeus. It is hard to describe this castle is well worth a visit. The bedrooms are enriched with antic furnishings and very lavish and spectacular.
There is one room that holds the collection of stuffed birds, there must well over 200 different kinds some of which are now extinct.
Moving on to the next building you can visit the Clive Robert museum. Here holds many treasures of ancient India. There is a short film here about the life of Clive. We all sat and watched fairly exhausted after are walk around the gardens. My favourite piece it the gold lion head fitted with diamonds and rubies. The boys liked the range of antique rifles and swords.

Back outside we came across female peacocks with there young. We watched them for a while. Next the boys both young and old got a second wind and started a game of tag as we headed back to the car. They chased each other about with plenty of room to play.

On leaving the park we came across the medieval herd of deer in the distance.

We all had a wonderful day out. Powis Castle is part of the National Trust visit the national trust @@ www.nationaltrust.org.uk . It is well worth being a member as once you have paid the annual fee that's it you can visit as many times as you like it doesn't cost a penny. Being a member of the National Trust also helps to maintain and keep places like Powis castle open for our future generations to step back in time to see how our ancestors lived.

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