Monday, July 13, 2009

Botanic Gardens Southport Day Out July 09

Over the weekend we visited Southport Botanic Gardens. The gardens are like a big park with some beautiful flower displays. Meeting up with Aaron`s Nana T, Aunt Lorraine, Uncle Harry and cousin Dylan we wandered through the park.
There were many places to explore. We visited the animals, many birds of many different variety`s including peacocks, cockerels, hens and doves. Some birds are pictured below.
The children also played on the swings and climbing frames. They also played football.
We had a picnic for lunch which we all enjoyed. One part of the park has a band stand with brass band playing people sat on deck chairs and listened to the sounds of the trumpet and trombone.
The park is a very traditional place. There is a lovely cafe were we all retired for a nice cup of tea after such a lenghty stroll around the park. The gardens also hosts a museum. Botanic gardens is well worth a visit for a relaxing day out. For rest of our day and links see below photographs.

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After such a lovely day out we went for Sunday lunch at the Thatch and Thistle Pub in Southport. This is a lovely thatched roofed pub in a glorious setting. For more info on the pub, type in Thatch and Thistle Southport on google.
We all had a lovely day out. Aaron and I cant wait till end of the week when school is out for the summer what fun we are going to have over the coming weeks.

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