Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Football Champ Football Tournament July 09

Today was Llangedwyn Football Tournament. The tournament was part of St Cedwyn Church`s Fun Day.
This day was to make Billy and I the very proud parent`s of such a wonderful football star. I didn't think I could feel any more prouder of such a multi talented boy after the school play performance. But today he shone out with his football talents for all to see.

The children in Aaron`s team played 4 games in all. Aaron scored 7! goals with a hat trick in one game alone. Billy was jumping up and down on the touch line encouraging his little man along.

After one game as we walked across the field we were stopped so many time by local men and women all commenting on Aaron`s wonderful goal`s. Aaron`s very proud mum beaming with delight.

Aaron received a medal at the end for his effort.
Aaron was fowled badly and everyone was screaming at the ref. To get back at the lad Aaron got past 4 defender and scored in the top corner. The 3rd defender was the one who fowled Aaron so he elbowed him on his way past. THAT'll TEACH EM!

Aaron received his medals from Mike & Pete from Tanant Valley Coaches. Thanks to James and Darren for coaching Aaron

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