Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Powis Castle Gardens Welshpool July 09

A sunny July day saw us heading to Welshpool for a day out at the castle. Powis Castle stands just out side the town high up on a hill. The castles surrounded by a deer park so dogs are not allowed on site.
Firstly we had our packed lunch before heading up to the castle gardens. We picked up the quiz pack at the gate. These are great fun for the kids. Aaron was off along with Jake his friend following the trail around the gardens, finding the answers to the question`s on the sheets.

Firstly the quiz took us to the Ice House. This is a twenty foot well shaped as an igloo. The views of the gardens are fantastic. The igloo sits in the Wilderness part of the garden. Here there is also a very pretty magical waterfall under a little wooden bridge.

The pond area is also a very pretty setting were if you use your imagination you can dream away to fairytale land. Imagining the fairy's and beautiful lake princess. This garden is very much a fantasy and fairytale setting.

The flowers are delightful to look at and the trees some of which are hundreds of years old. Above Aaron strikes a pose. This area we watched a beautiful dragonfly the size of a small sparrow flying around. He was to quick to photograph. The had a lovely blue coloured body, landing on leafs of the trees we had a fairly good look at him he fascinated the boys.

A view of the castle from the back wilderness part of the gardens.

A well earned rest as we concluded one part of the quiz and focused on the next part.

Views of the castle.

Next we headed down to the formal gardens. With the large lawns and fruit tree orchards this again is a very pretty place. Here the children were asked to draw a imaginary garden filled with fountains, status and flowers. Our next stop was the fountain garden, here Billy and I had a sit down, whilst the boys figured out there clues and splashed about in the fountain.

The gates to the bottom of this garden hold the guards against intruders. Two Wyverns sit upon the gateway. The Wyverns are mythical creatures of ten found in medieval heraldry. The Wyvern is a type of dragon with two legs and wings. However unlike a dragon, it cannot breathe fire. We next headed back to the formal garden. Here I took some wonderful photographs of the blossoming flowers. I was lucky enough to capture a honey bee doing his work collecting nectar from the flowers. Billy was panicking as I was so close to it, as I have to carry adrenaline as I am allergic to stings. It if was a wasp I wouldn't have been near but British honey bees don't harm unless they are threatened.

The honey bee above.

Next we headed up to the Orangery terraces. There are wonderful views from up here of Welshpool and the surrounding countryside. Aaron and Jake had to answer questions about the status.

The final part of the quiz took us back near to the entrance of the gardens. Here stands a beautiful statue of a peacock. This statue was brought to Powis castle in 1930.

This concluded the tour of the gardens. The boys received a feathered pen each for doing so well with the quiz. Next we headed up to the castle. Luckily the boys had dried out by now !!!!

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