Thursday, July 23, 2009

Maesbury Marsh Canal Trails - St Winifred`s Well July 09

With the weather improving we decided to head for Maesbury in Shropshire. Maesbury is a pretty village set about 3 miles from Oswestry. We parked up at Canal Central Coffee shop.

With Fred on his lead we set off. Starting our walk from the shop and headed along the trails. We came across some piebald horses in the field. They were really friendly.

Carrying on our walk we went over a ford, then headed to the lift bridge were we turned onto the canal tow path.

Here we came across a familyof swans. They were lovely. We spent some time watching them.

We headed up the path for some time taking in the views. Following the map we headed off across the fields following the public right of way.

Crossing the fields and over the styles we headed for St Winifreds Well.
The Legend Of Saint Winifred

Winifred was the beautiful daughter of a powerful nobleman from Flintshire. She had dedicated her life to God, so when a local prince - Caradoc, asked for her hand in marriage, she refused.
The prince was so enraged by the rejection that he chopped off her head. On the site of the murder a spring developed. ( this is at Holywell Flintshire )
Later Winifred`s remains were taken from Holywell, North wales to Shrewsbury Abbey and on the way they rested at Woolston. Here too a spring developed - this is Saint Winifred`s Well.
The Spring water from the well was reputed to be an excellent cure for sore eyes, wounds and even broken bones .

After visiting the well we headed back along the lanes before turning back onto the canal tow path`s. It was a lovely walk and we all enjoyed it. Afterwards we stopped at the cafe for a while sipping a nice cup of frothy coffee. The man who owns the cafe and shop is a good friend of Aaron`s godmother Judy. We had a ggod chat whilst Fred drank his water and was then flat our in the camper van.

There are plenty of other places of interest to see on the Maesbury Canal trails which include - Relics of old canal industry, croft`s Mill lift bridge, The Ford at Bridge house, Old Peter`s Mill arm of the canal, The mill pond and weir, and St Winifred`s Well.

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