Thursday, July 16, 2009

End Of Term - WELL DONE AARON July 09

More Scout Badges for Our Champ
This term Aaron has achieved excellent grades in school. Aaron received a excellent school report which makes us very proud of him. He has achieved so much during his school year in all area`s. He is well above the average for his ten years.
Aaron has also achieved more scout badges. He has earned the angler badge for his fishing skills. He is able to name different types of fish, as well as being able to catch them.
He achieved his athletics badge. He received an excellent report for his skill during the athletics event`s The scout master was very please with his efforts. WELL DONE Aaron.
Aaron has also done other course`s over the past term including a Rookie life guard course. He is very near already in achieving his Level 1. This course involves Aaron learning the skill`s of life saving. The course has ended for the summer but is restarting in September.
Aaron has also achieved his cycling proficiency test and past with flying colours we are just waiting for him to receive his award for this.
Aaron is also out standing in football, sports, music, singing and drama. He surly is a very multi talented child in all area`s. He is the best son a parent could ever ask for.
It has been a very busy term for young Aaron. We are looking forward to our long Summer holiday starting tomorrow when school is out for the summer.

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