Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welsh National Horse Driving Trials July 09

What a fantastic day out as the Welsh National Horse Driving Trails Came to our area. We went to watch the 3 day driving event. The event involves 3 different events on on each day. Day One - dressage and turnout, Day two - cross country, Day three - skill and precession test.
It was lovely to watch such talented horses and ponies tackling the obstacles. The horse boxes were second homes for there owners with pop out sides, attached portable stables. The Duke Of Edinburgh was also present at the event.The Driving trails are similar to Badminton horse trails the difference is this event the riders are in the carriages driving instead. I have grown up with horse since I was 3 yrs old having 3 wonderful ponies to compete on.
Below are some of the photographs more will be on photobucket and facebook. Also below is a link to the North East Wales British driving Society.

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