Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chester The Walled City July 09

On a fairly sunny July day we headed for the medieval old city of Chester. Chester is set on the banks of the River Dee. Parking up we headed for a walk around part of the walls. Walking the walls is a really good experience there lots of history to see. Aaron takes lots of interest in this subject.
Our tour took us to the Grosvenor Museum
( web link ) The museum is in Chester City centre and well worth a visit. Here you can discover Chester through history. Explore Roman life and death, domestic life of the 17th - 20th Centuries, natural history and geology, social history, along with special exhibition`s and events.
We started our visit in with the activity room, Aaron built a roman arch using wooden block. This room is also an exhibition room, with some wonderful displays.
There are many activities to do in this room.
Next we went to the statue of the Roman soldier. Here we picked up the quiz sheet. Aaron had to find certain pieces in the museum and fill in the missing words. He had fun locating each on in all the different rooms we went in. We went in the Newstead Roman gallery and then to the Webster Roman Stones Gallery.
After taking a quick look around the shop we headed for the Period House display. This is a really interesting part of the museum. With life like wax characters behind the glass display There is also a hands on area for the children to see and feel what it was like in period times.
Next we headed up the stairs. Here there are more display`s gallery's including the Ridgeway Silver Gallery and King`s Arms. There is also displays of birds and mammals careful preserved behind glass cases.
There was a display about Chester Racecourse and an art display with some lovely painted pictures of scenes from around Chester.
After leaving the museum we headed for some of the sights around Chester including the famous clock. Next stop we headed for our tea at McDonald`s for a family treat.

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