Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chester Ghost Tour July 09

The Haunted Chester Tour
Haunting`s ghosts poltergeists and terrifying tales.
Dare to be scared ! Discover Chester`s dark side.
Chester : England`s most haunted City .
Do your believe in GHOSTS ? Forty percent of us do, according to a recent poll. More surprisingly 15% claim actual personal experience of ghosts. You can grit your teeth and read some of the tales below of haunted Chester these are but a few with many many more to read about.
Chester is England`s most haunted city. Founded by the Romans as a legionary fortress some 2000 years ago, this ancient settlement has witnessed every high and low of human life - from joy and jubilation to terror, grief and dark despair. These narrow streets, shadowed squares and hidden alleyways have seen revelry and celebration, slaughter, famine, plague and war. In such a truly atmospheric setting, only the staunchest materialist could deny a hos of haunting`s, ghosts and poltergeists from every age of Britain's history.
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I hope you enjoy some of the story`s in the blog below.

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