Sunday, July 26, 2009

Erddig National Trust Country House July 09

The weather may be bad but that's doesn't stop us. This adventure took us to Erddig a large country house and garden owned by National Trust. We wandered through the yards and listened to the tales that were told.
As the rain got heavier we picked up a quiz and entered the large old house. It`s a house you could get lost in if you weren't careful with its many passage ways and dark eerie corners. The house has been restored to high standards. At first you enter the servants quarters were there are large kitchens and a bakery.
Following the guide rope`s you then visit the magnificent bedrooms and entertainment gallery`s and room`s which there are many all decorated to a fine standard. Oil lamps are lite to create the atmosphere and feeling of living there over the years. In the attic there are the servants bedroom`s which are very small and claustrophobic.
The rooms I liked best were the music room and the famous Chinese room.
Outside the house stands in many arches of ground and gardens. We looked around the gardens, coming across lots of ducks. They were very tame and didn't winch at our presence at all.
After our stroll, Aaron, Billy and I headed for the tea room before we left for home.

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