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Chester Ghost Story`s + Ghostly Hot Spots


An Evil Presence

Chester Ghost Tour begins outside the Victorian Gothic Town Hall , pictured below. The story tells of how figures are seen walking through walls inside the building. The building was once the local police station and has the cells below which housed the prisoners. During 1966 Myra Hindly and Ian Brady the moor`s murderer`s where held in the cells whilst they were on trial in the City`s law courts.

Deeper beneath the earth lie the mouldering remains of the Roman legionary fortress`s valetudinariam or Roman hospital. Normal level headed people also say they have felt a presence behind them, only to turn around to find nothing there.

To the right of the picture the old town hall building used to stand. This building burnt down, an old old man in a red cloak is said to be seen running around the pavement`s as if in a panic. On researching back this old man is believed to be the neighbour of the town hall. Record`s show when the original town hall burnt to the ground the old man who lived adjacent ran around frantic that his house would catch fire and burn to the ground as well.

A Modern Ghost ?

To the right again a little way up Town Hall Square you can just about see the old 17th Century Inn the Coach and Horses. On a summer evening 1988, a sad old man walked in, bought a drink, and sat staring into space. When the barmaid asked if he was okay, he confessed his wife had recently died. He booked a room for the night, left full details,and went for a stroll before bed.

When he failed to return, the landlord called the police.

Officers checked his home in Birkenhead only to learn from neighbours that his wife had died - but eight years previously. And also that the old man had joined her just one week later.

Tales Of The Archway

A few tales were told of the archway above. The middle window was said to have been an old cell. A protestant monk was once held here just for being a protestant. He refused to turn to a catholic. He was tortured and still refused to change his belief`s. He was then taken to the outskirts of the town and brunt alive. To the very end he refused to give in to his belief`s, it was a cold damp day.The wood was very damp and his singed from his toes up meeting a horrible death and a very slow one.

The house next door has renovation work done some 20 years ago. The foundations were pinned on disturbing the foundations the resident`s in the house found things were moving around on there own even large items one of which was virtually impossible to move as it was a huge concrete slap. The residence also said they had seen ghostly aberration's moving through the wall. The wall is adjacent to the arch way?

Poor Sarah

Just through the arch, in Eastgate Street, is the ornate shop front of Thornton`s Chocolates - home to Sarah, Chester`s most active spirit.

In a tale retold in local newspapers since the eighteenth century, Sarah was a young bride jilted at the alter. Sarah hung herself on her wedding day. Today she haunt`s the ship and storeroom above. Yet her shade is never seen. Instead, objects move by themselves and people are pushed on the stairs. Other`s hear footsteps or a woman weeping.

When ritual exorcism in 1972 failed to quieten Sarah, the poltergeist - like happening`s grew. The strangest occurred overnight on Friday 13th February 1998. When staff arrived next morning - Valentine`s Day - they found heart-shaped boxes and love tokens hurled to the floor. It seems Sarah had been offended by these modern day reminders of their long lost love.

A Death Foretold ?

On Saturday 30th August 1997, a married couple shopping in Chester noticed three distraught old women at the Eastgate near to the clock above. One clasped her face, while the second wept into her handkerchief. When the wife asked what was wrong, the third sobbed, " Lady Di`s dead. She`s been killed in a crash with that Dodi bloke." Aghasted the husband asked when it had happened. But, at that, the three old crones seemed to turn away.

Back home there was nothing on the radio or television. The couple were mystified. It was ten hours later that a newsflash announced. News is just coming in that Princess Diana has been involves in a serious car crash in Paris.

Oldest Haunting

The Roman Watchtower. - Chester`s oldest haunting is of a phantom legionary who paces between here and the nearby amphitheater. Although apparitions typically become fainter over the centuries, this spectre remains so clear that experts can identify him by his armour. He seems to be a Ducurion ( an officer in charge of ten men ) Of the Second Legion Adiutrix, stationed at Chester in the AD 70`s.

He is said to have been lured away from his post whilst his men slept, by a women. Whilst away his men were murdered in there sleep. Upon returning he came across the horrific scene. knowing he would face as punishment a horrible death, his only choice was to take his life, he plunged his sword into him and fell from the top of the tower.

The Newgate Ghost

The Newgate ghost stalked the walls in this part of Chester on dark Victorian nights. When the husband of a terrified woman gave chase he unveiled a baker`s wife beneath a sheet. the naughty woman was cautioned by the police and swore never to go a haunting again.

The Monk

This part of Chester is haunted by old Norse like monk. He is said to approach people down the dark alley way known as the Haunted Passage, leading to the River. One story tells of a tale down this narrow alley way which is between high walls and leads directly down to the river. One snowy December night in 1973, a hooded stranger confronted a college lecturer here. he was muttering in an ancient language before moving past. Puzzled, the lecturer turned round. but the monk had vanished. And then he noticed there were no footsteps in the snow?? The language was later believed to be similar to old norse. This ghost was said to have been released when the old tower collapsed with a drawn out rattle on Good Friday 1881. It is said to have released a ghostly monk. The black robed figure is often seen down the Haunted Passage.

Coffin In The Wall

Beyond the atmospheric half ruins of St John`s Church. From the path at the far end, if you look up through the skeletal arches, you can clearly see the curious Coffin In The Wall. Written inside it are the ominous words, " DUST TO DUST ". A spectral nun in a bluish habit lurks nearby. Some say she was originally entombed in the 13th - century oak casket to be closer to heaven.

Spectral Cattle

Shipgate Street tells the tale of the spectral cattle. Shipgate Street leads to England`s steepest city street St Mary`s hill.

Centuries ago, the town cowmen kept a herd of dairy cows at the foot of the slope. Their milk was sold daily at Chester High Cross. But one day the cowman died in his sleep and the cows bellowed for their master in vain. Even recently, local have heard the early morning lowing of the phantom cattle.

Old Rectory

At the top of the hill pictured above is the Old Rectory. On the top floor is a small room that is always ice cold. It`s door slams shut when there`s no one near and there`s not a breath of wind.

Opposite stands St Mary`s church. Three witches are buried in the churchyard after they were burnt at the stake. People say these three witches are the three old crones who tell of death foretold. Story Above. The church is said to also hold the remains of people who were tortured and suffered the horrific deaths of those in medieval time. The deaths were horrific for offenders back in those days many innocent men and women suffered such deaths as drowning, burning at the stake, hanging and pressing in which heavy objects were place on the chest till it caved in crushing the ribs and internal organ.

The tales of Chester and the ghosts are many these are but a few. I hope you have enjoyed them. For more info see above blog Chester Ghost Tours.

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