Thursday, April 11, 2013

Try Dive Aaron`diving s First Sea Dive

Open Water Dive with Travelsub.  Well as you can imagine I paced the beach for over 1/2 an hour searching for my son who had gone on a 7 metre try dive in the open sea.  Simon kept  telling me I would not be able to see despite the fact I had a 24 zoom lens as he was under the water? After over 1/2 an hour he came to the surface along with Callum and the lovely Israelian Diving instructor. 
He had a wonderful time and is now very keen on doing his diving  Padi which I have got in the pipe line for him to do in the near future.
Aaron was in his element swimming under water in the Atlantic Ocean off the South West coast of Tenerife. 
We have lots of photographs of his under water experience which  will publish at the later date as they refuse to load on the Apple mac. There is also an underwater video which I will load to you tube. Swimming, Diving and anything to do with water sport is defiantly Aaron`s thing and I am so proud of myself for being able to offer Aaron all these different experiences during his childhood. During this Diving Experience Aaron also went snorkeling. Watch this space for his next adventure. 

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