Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Book Of Shadows Part 3

During the nineteen twenties a witch named  Nell trapped a powerful warlock into painting with a spell that only his power of X Ray  vision could see.
They had been lovers but he had betrayed her with a woman named Jane Franklin who was also a warlock.

The painting as of a Gothic Castle oil on canvass with a latin curse written beneath it. ABSOLVO AMITTO AMPLUS BREVUS meaning To free what is lost say these words.
This is in fact a trap as saying the words allowed will cause the speaker to be sucked into the painting and thus into the castle sepicted in it.
The castle itself will try to kill you fire shoots from the walls and razor sharp blades bar the windows and doors.

As a warlock Malcolm was able to Blink. Moving from place to place in the blink of an eye and thereby avoiding the sangersof the castle surviving in it for seventy years. There is a spell to release the castle captives. VERVA OMNES LIBERANTE words free us all. These words will free anyone trapped inside the painting.
Malcolm and Jane were again trapped inside the painting which was destroyed by fire in 1999.

Andras the spirit of rage uses anger as a portal to enrage his victims until they commited a grievous act of violence.
Although the rage leaves the victim after the act is commited the violence usually serves a greater purpose making Andras a powerful foe.
The spirit of rage has used his abilities to make wars that last decades and redefined continents.

In addition due to the insidious nature of his work Andras can be extremely difficult to detect.
But because he has not yet reached demonhood this low level spirit is vulnerable to many things.

To Awaken A Poison Victim
Say this spell over the one who has Fallen.
Hear our call
For those who fall
Purge her to awaken
From this toxen taken.

The headless horseman is a fictional character originally believed to haunt Sleepy Hollow.
It was summoned by a student at Magic School and began decapitating the teachers.
The powers of Magic School ensured that the teachers still lived while their bodies were on the premises.
He can be vanquished with the following chant.

End this grizzly fright
Reverse the role
And make us whole.

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