Monday, April 15, 2013

Mythical Creature : From The Book Of Shadow`s

Trolls are mythical creatures who live adjacent to the Enchanted Kingdom. Trolls are evil very fast and sneaky and will do anything to rule the enchanted kingdom. They are very dangerous in 'tween'  places such as doorways and windows.
They are particularly dangerous at midnight which is the biggest tween of all between night and day.

Fairies elves and trolls live in a realm parallel to ours but separated by a thin veil which lies only in tween places.
This is a realm in between two things like doorway windows and shadows.
The biggest in between of all however is midnight the hour between night and day when the world itself becomes a tween.

Faires are mystical fey that inhabit the enchanted woods and magical nations where they rule over trolls. They like shiny objects like keys which are sometimes taken away but they are not malicious creatures. They can only be seen by children who have innocent eyes. You must obtain a childish innocence in order to see fairies which can be done with faith and fairy dust or with the power of three spell. To see the unseen.
In this tween time
This darkest hour
We call upon the sacred power
Three together stand alone
Command the unseen to be shown
In innocence we search the skies
Enchanted are our new found eye

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