Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sea : Book of Shadows

The Sea Hag

A witch of the ocean with powers over her natural enviroment with which she can create thunderstorms hurricanes and tidle waves. She also has the power to produce water from her body and traps her victims within a wall of water where they will eventally drown.
Residing in a cavern somewhere off the North Atlantic the sea hag deals with other sea dwelling magical creatures mostly mermaids. She gives them legs and thirty days to find love.
If they fail she uses an auger shell to steal her immortality her magic allows her to track a mermaids tail. Her power over the elements of air and water make her extremely powerful.
She may try to bargain with you but cannot be trusted. The sea hag can be located with the following spell Eastern thinking with Weston Wicca.

Powers of the witches rise.
Find the hag who speaks in lies
Balance Shakras focus Chi
Lead us through
The cruel cruel sea.


Mermaids are imortal beings half human half fish. They can spend eternity at sea are cold blooded and their hearts are as cold as the water.
Mermaids like shiny baubles and sea shanties are the only songs they know. Sometimes mermaid gets lonely and her heart aches as she realises she wants more.
They can go to sea living magical creatures to become for a limited time loving which she must obtain a declaration of love from a mortal man.
If she succeeds she will have legs but the moment she comes in contact with water they will become a tail.

To find a mermaid chant
Water rise up from the sea
Find the one who fled from thee
Follow where the winds are cold
Then fall tenfold like days of old.

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