Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Funtime In The Pool Sunset Bay Tenerife

What fun we had during this Easter Holiday, over on the Island Of Tenerife. I love it here its a very beautiful place. The sun shines down warming my bones. For my birthday I got two camera `s one is a multi zoom camera which takes distance up to 24 zoom and the other is a fantastic little number that is indestructible. As you can see from the photographs here it even works under water. I took some fab shot`s of Aaron playing in the pool it also does video recording`s. We had a great time playing with the camera`s.
Pictured mainly here is Aaron who was doing tricks a  but like a puppy and even as cute ! Some may not agree ! Further below is both Aaron and Callum doing the cult hit underwater Gangamstyle.  
Surrounding the pool are sun beds we were lucky enough to be able to use some for a couple of days. Here we relaxed and chilled out. Sadly on the last day of our holiday during happy hour were a pint of beer is 1e a young boy age 10 Years drowned in the pool we watched from a short distance in shock as he was given CPR as he was not breathing. The life guard managed to get him breathing again just. Last we heard before we left was that he was criticle in a Tenerife Hospital. This incident really put a downer on the holiday as it was not something any of us wanted to see. The next day the life guard a young Spanish Lad had a chat with me. It was a difficult pool for him to watch completely there was an island 1/3 of the way down. The top of the pool was quite deep so the life guard spent most of his time that end making sure no unsuspecting child feel of jumped in without realising the depth. Behind the Island it was still quite deep but went shallower as you moved closer to the edge. The lad had gone in behind the Island and apparently had had a fit and gone under. This could have been due to the fact the pool was chilly and his body had gone into shock. The life guard said there was 4 older boys in that area playing with a ball. None of these realised the lad was in trouble till it was to late and he was pulled out not breathing. We were all  sitting at the top end of the pool when all the commotion happened. Were just hoping the young lad makes a full recovery.
Apart form the terrible incident we all had a wonderful time relaxing swimming and sunning ourselves at the pool.

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