Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Book Of Shadows Part 4

As a mortal the Siren fell in love with a married man but when they were caught the man was held blameless.
The village women cheered as they burned her to death and her rage turned her into a Siren a vengeful demon who seduces married men with her song then destroys the couples with flame that consumed her.

To summon the Siren in order to vanquish her speak the following:
Oh singing lady of the dusk
Who preys on men
Turns love to lust
We harken ye into presence
To vanquish thee evil essence.
To make a lovers dream come true
Hear these words hear my rhyme
Bless these two in this time
Bring them both into the fold
Help them now cross love's threshold.

Lady Godiva
The story is that she was the beautiful wife of the Lord of Coventry. The people of the city were suffering grievously under the earls oppressive tarnation.
Lady Godiva appealed again and again to her husband who obstinately refused to remit the tolls.
At last weary of her entreaties he said he would grant her request if she would ride naked through the streets of the town. Lady Godiva took him a his word and after issuing a proclamation that all persons should keep within doors or shut their windows she rode through clothed only in her long hair. Her husband kept his word and abolished the obnoxious taxes.

To Summon Lady Godiva
Where Royals once lived
So did she
Bring forth the naked lady
From the eleventh century.

To Return Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson to their Time
From lands afar
And time and space. Take them now
From this our place
Two tar dwell so much remain
Send them back to their Domain.

Fairy Tales
Some fairy tales are recounting of ancient battles between good and evil.
Fairy tales magic runs out at midnight. The power of every fairy tale emanates from artefacts like Cinderella's slippers.
Their magic continues to shape every child born to this day. These artefacts are stored in a secret fortress.

Keeper of the Fairy Tales
The keeper of the fairy tales had been trusted with the original artefacts for protection because if somebody uses fairy tales for evil it could rewrite them corrupt them for every future generation. The keeper has been murdered by the wicked witch an new keeper is then appointed to become the new keeper.

Magic Carpet
Carpets with power of flight have been used as forms of transportation in the middle east for centuries woven by Sorceresses for their masters. They are woven on a loom of the wood from the pear tree which itself is infused with power.
The threads are fine silkes but vital  ingredients are woven into the carpet as it is made.
These include hair from a unicorn's tail. Elves thread phoenix feathered and dragons heart strings.

Genies only work for themselves. If a genie grants three wishes the genie goes free but with genie's there's always a catch an unseen consequence. They are not evil by nature and wont harm you unless you wish for something. Free genies don`t have powers. So undo your wishes the genie has to go back into the bottle.

Wicked Witch
The wicked witch is a evil witch that lives in the enchanted Forrest with other magical fairy tale like creatures such as orges wood numphs fairies and unicorns. Not to much is really known about this witch except that she resembles the traditional witch stereo type by having a large nose black pointed hat and uses a black cauldron for the potions which she then crackles over. She had been known to be a nuisance to the other being by casting spells on them such as to make them look the opposite of what they are. If she becomes a pest use the vanquishing spell to get rid of her once and for all.
To Vanquish The Wickerd Witch
Evil lady with dirty clothes
Big black hat and gigantic nose
I vanquish you from time and space
Evil spells and charms erased.

Love spells have been known to back fire on a witch in some cases and cause the subject of the spell to act violent or insane.
If that happens reverse all of the spells that you cast immediately.

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