Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Birthday 9th April 2013

The 9th of April was my birthday. I had a lovely quiet day. I got some wonderful presents which I am thrilled with.
I also recieved a lovely bunch of red roses from Simon.
I also got a lovely expensive bottle of perfume off Aaron. I had many birthday messages via facebook, txts, phone calls and cards. The amount of messages made my day.
The last year has had its ups and downs. I have had many exciting times which have left with some wonderful memories.
Sadly we lost our wonderful little dog Fred a few short weeks ago. Which has left me heart broken.
Memories on birthdays always leave you with mixed emotion.
You always look back on the year of your life as it leaves you behind.
I hope the coming year I have Fun Fun Fun  thats what life is about although you can never forget the sad times always look for the good. Life is for living. I may have aches pains all sorts of trouble with my health but bugger it. I want to live life to the full treasure every moment. What will be will be no worrying will change anything.
This year I intend to sort out my clutter. I want to make my home where ever it may be still here ir else where a home were when people enter they go WOW. A home that is interesting everywhere you look. I have managed to woo my guest all ready with all the interesting things I have around me. Who knows where I may be on my next birthday. The house is for sale if it sells it sells its time to down size buy something  a bit more managable but if not the trasformation will carry on. I no in my heart it will be hard moving from here I love the space the character and the some of the memories I have here. The dark memories fade into the background its a happy home full of sunshine and happiness.
Thats enough of my ranting  anyhow we finished the night with an Indian takeaway from the palace Llanstanffriad  it was yummy.
Right now I am looking forward to the coming year and all the adventures we can look forward too. Keep up with my ranting by following my blogs . Service with a big smile.

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