Monday, April 8, 2013

Shetland : TV Programme Review

 This was a TV series set on the Shetland Islands. The series was based on a book called Red Bones.
The story is about murder in the Shetland Isle's. The short series on the TV was really good. It is well worth watching if it is repeated or you can watch it on I player or what ever you can retrieve it from.

I have always loved the Scottish Islands. There is a special mystic beauty that surrounds them. I have visited the Isle of Skye. It was here where some of my cousins grew up.

Many years ago I remember a lady I knew vaguely packing her camper van and moving up to the Shetland Isle's. She has bought a croft up there. She moved so she could live a totally different life one with peace and beauty attached. A life were she could live off the land

Here she would no what she was feeding herself and her children. After all this horse meat scandal it looks as though she defiantly did the right think. Who knows what we have fed our children over the years its obvious you cant trust what is on the packet. She took her child with her wanting him to grow up without the worry of bullying. In s society away from all the hustle and busyness of city life.

Its a brave thing to do leaving all you no to moved to a place were life is so very different.

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