Saturday, August 6, 2011

Windermere > Lakeside > Bowness > Ambleside

Well what can I say absolutly stunning ! We spent the day Cruising around Lake Windermere. Catching the boat at Lakeside at the top end of the lakes we headed off downstream to the little lakeside town of Bowness.

Stepping off the boat onto the pier and walking up this breathtaking pictureque town`s streets you get a wonderful feeeling of relaxation. Looking back over the lake the views are spectaular.
We stopped here for a short while and had some lunch which a swan took a fancy too !
Heading off on another boat we headed around all the little islands around the lake again in splendid sunshine this was a wonderful experience so peaceful and relaxing.
Back at Bowness we rejoin the main cruise and headed down stream to Ambleside.
Agin this little town was so very pretty. We stopped for a short while to have an ice cream. Just stunning.
Beofre we new it time had gone so very fast, we were rejoining the cruise to head back up to our start point at Lakeside.
The pictures below tell the whole story of a wonderful day out in glorious sunshine with two of the people I love most in the world. Life now treats up with kindness.

In Bowness this beautiful swan took a liking to Simon`s chips, he didnt hesitate to pinch a couple from the chip packet. It was so funny to watch Simon telling it off. Being into all kinds of Birds and animals. Simon has a passion for poultry. I am looking forward to the day when we become a littel self suffcent with the idea`s Simon has as the house is being done up !

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