Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gretna Green - The World Famous Blacksmith Shop

Gretna Green is a place I remember visiting as a child. My mum and dad got married there for a second time. At age around 10 yrs old there is a photo of me lounging on the marriage anvil to the dismay of my mum. Looking at the photo`s afterwards she wasnt happy at my inoprppriate pose ! Below Aaron recreates the pose of his mother over 30 yrs later.
Steeped in history and magical charm the ancient building of the Blacksmiths shop draws you into its romantic and often dramatic past.
This place is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Scotland. Gretna is famed because of weddings were couple would elope to marry.
Within the walls you can dicover tales of romance, scandal and intrigue as the story of Gretna Green is brought to life. There is now an exhibition and coach museum to explore.
The lengand has it The legendary Anvil the symbol of Gretna Green marriages, it is said that good fortune in affairs of the heart will be yours when you touch the famous Anvil... of course we had to touch it !
We had a lovely time at Gretna who knows what will happen when we return there again one day !!!!

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