Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kington Vintage Show

The was truly a glorious little show well not so little. It was very relaxing walking around the show. Everywhere you turned vintage cars, caravans, campers, motorcycles, lorry's, land rovers and even push bikes lite the way forward. We even found an old Romany Gypsy caravan.
Romany gypsy`s have always fascinated me. I have come into contact with quite few over the years. These very pretty dark haired ladies seem to be drawn to me on more than one occasion they have predicted something by just stopping me and taking hold of my hand. At present I am reading another book about the like of a Romany. The book is called The Painted Caravan. I have also collected a number of Gypsy books over the last few years. Gypsy have a remarkable gift which should never be over looked.
Moving on, the show ring was busy, with tractor, steam, military displays and a motorcycle stunt show.
There were plenty of stalls at the show even a car boot sale wonderful ! We strolled around all day sitting down at times to rest a little. The photo`s below tell the story of our visit to Kington Vintage Show.

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