Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keswick & The world of Illusion

Keswick - A quaint little town set near the centre of the Lake District. Very pretty here we wandered around the shops and had lunch in a local pub Very Nice !
We also visited The Puzzle Place - World Of Illusion I spend most of the time in fits of laughter visiting here. It had some fantastic puzzles and illusion`s. The infusion of faces Aaron and I was highly amusing the two of us giggled as we saw what was thankfully not lasting effects. The different mirror`s also had us in fits of laughter as we waddled around with stumpy legs and big bottoms. A little like the normal ? maybe !
Another of the illusions the boys had great fun with you could see how your eyes can trick you as you watched one of them grow into a huge monster whilst the other coward in the corner.Its the only room in the country that can create this effect called the Ames Room.
It isn't very expensive to go in and well worth a visit if your in the area especially if you like a joke about and a giggle. Having a sense of humour is a must in here

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