Saturday, August 6, 2011

Edinburgh . Greyfriars Bobby . Castle . Dungeons

Edinbugh is a very beautiful city to visit even if it did rain most of the time we were there ! There is plenty to do. As our time was precious in this magnificent city we all decided what we would like to see most. We saw some of the attractions below but also wandered around the shops, into the cathedral and payed a quick visit to the museum, which you would need at least two days to walk around on its own. We hope to pay Edinburgh another visit in the future.

Greyfrairs Bobby is a Tale from the past of a little dog who followed his master to the end. When his master died he was found to be living and sleeping under a tomb stone next to his master`s grave. Bobby did this till the day he died. He survived by the kindness of local people who would bring him food. Upon his death he was buried with honour at Greyfrairs Kirk the local church. Locals have had a statue made in his honour. You can also place flowers on his grave and that of his master whom this little dog missed so very much. I remember this story as a child in school how sad it made me feel.

Not far from the castle is the Tartan Weaving Mill & Exhibition. Its here you can wander through the mill, you can feel and touch the threads that are being prepared for weaving. You can also see and hear the amazing high speed power looms in action. The exhibition is very educational for children as they can touch the past and tradition of the old Scotland. You can also find the origins of your name and which of the tartan cloth represents your clan.

The festival The Fringe had just started when we arrived in the city street dancers Out Of The Blue were entertaining on the streets. Out Of The Blue were the on the popular TV show Britain's Got Talent some time ago twitter @ ootbboxford These boys are very talented and great to watch.

Later in the day we visited the Edinburgh dungeon

We wandered around listening to the macarbre tales of the city of Edinburgh`s dark past. For a preview of the tour visit link above.

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