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Hadrian`s Wall Cumbria to Northumberland

Within this blog you can follow us on our journey along one of the most famous places in history ` Hadrian`s Wall. Hadrian`s wall is the best known frontier in the entire Roman Empire. The wall stands as a reminder of past glories of one of the world`s greatest civilisations. Now a world Heritage Site, Hadrian`s Wall is the most important monument built by the Roam`s in Britain. Being there still invokes a sense of standing at the edge of the world, imagining what life would have been like at the forefront of Roman Rule in Britain. The wall spans almost 2000 years of history, now our journey takes you to the first place we visited along our way Roman Vindolanda.

Roman Vindolanda

Vindolanda is the most exciting archaeology site on Hadrian`s Wall.

There has been over 40 years of active archaeology on this site. The work here has brought this Roman Frontier site and it`s people straight from the past into the present.

The Roman remains on this site are the most extensive of any of the fort`s and settlements on Hadrian`s Wall.

All the daily life here, from military buildings to stores shops houses and bath houses have been un-covered.

The site is lovely from the site of the work to the walk around garden`s streams which house reconstructions of past life which tell remarkable tales of life at Vindolanda.

Also at the site there is a museum and cafe, Within the museum you can encounter a world range of personnel belongings which have been lost, left or scattered by the Roman inhabitants. In the museum you can find shoes, textiles, coins, jewellery, pottery plus lots more.

Before leaving we settled down for a coffee and scone cream tea.

We spent quite a few hours here wandering the grounds. It was an amazing place.

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Moving on we headed to the town of Hexham. We wandered around this medieval town. Narrow streets and old buildings tell the age of this old town.

Our next stop was Chesters Roman Fort. This is own by English Heritage.

The fort Stands in the picturesque valley of the River North Tyne.

Chesters is the best preserved example of a Roman cavalry fort in Britain.

Here you can step back in time. Imagine the life at the fort for some 500 troops with the headquarters building and elaborate commandant`s house.

Housesteads Roman Fort. Standing high on a dramatic escarpment, Housesteads gives you a sense of what life was like on this famous frontier. Joinly owned by the National Trust and English Hertitage you can see the most complete part of the wall from here. There is a least a 1/2 mile walk up hill to get the the wall but once up there the walk is well worth it. With commanding breathtaking views, it is one of the most complete Roman forts in Britain.

You can explore the commandant`s house and the barrack blocks, once garrisoned by 1,000 soldiers, and the renowned communal latrinnes ( aks Roman Loo`s). A truely breathtaking view of history.

Our last stop was the Roman Army Museum . Here you can wander around completling tasks and watching dvd`s of life along the wall. The museum is a must to visit. The 3d film The Eagle`s Eye gives you an aerial view of the wall as it is today then transports you back nearly 2000 years to Roman times a very memorable time travel experience.

again web link A visit to Hadrian`s wall is a must for anybody who enjoys histroy. Absolutly fantastic !

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