Sunday, August 7, 2011

Morecambe And Around The Bay

Standing On the beach at Morecambe the glistening waters, panoramic view and the open skies take your breath away. Morecambe is said to have one of the most impressive coastlines in Europe. It has vast open panoramas and constantly changing channels and patterns of water. It is also has one of the most deadliest tides in the UK. With growing up near the Mersey and the Irish sea you learn to respect the waters of the rivers, sea`s and oceans. Seeing first hand how an enjoyable day out can suddenly turn to horror if you get trapped on a sandbank, or the tide turn`s, and you can be swept out to sea in a flash. The water`s currents are strong even if you can`t see them they are there within the water`s. Sadly Morecambe has become famous for the wrong reason`s due to it`s deadly tide`s.

The coast is the only thing I miss living in this part of Wales, but gladly we are only about 1 hrs drive from a good chunk of the north, mid Wales and Wirral coast line`s. We often visit the coast whilst visiting family. Taking the dogs for walk`s along the beach breathing in the fresh sea air. Bliss !

I used to visit Morecombe as a child often with my Nana on coach trips. Today brought back many childhood memories as we walked along the promenade. Above and below we all had our photo taken with the famous Eric Morecombe statue recreating the pose ! Which one of us do you think did best ?

Morecombe has changed over the years. As a child I remember it as a bustling Victorian seaside town but sadly it has seemed to have declined over the years with shops on the sea front shut down. I was also taken aback as using the toilet there were bins especially for drug uses to put there needles. It made me feel quite sad to see a once bustling little town in such a sorry state.

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