Saturday, August 6, 2011

Carlisle Castle & Cathedral

Being up on the borders of Scotland we had to take a trip into the City of Carlisle. It was here we visited the Castle and the Cathedral.
Carlisle is one of the oldest cities and dominates the border between England and Scotland. Carlisle has a stirring past it has seen Celts, Roman`s, King Arthur and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Carlisle has an unique position in Hadrian`s Wall Country. Carlisle is the gateway City to the Weston stretch of the wall and is an important stopping off point on the Hadrian`s Wall National Trail. For more information on this ancient City click this link.
After parking up firstly we headed into the city centre had a look around the shops. Next stop was the Cathedral.
Carlisle Cathedral has been the centre of prayer, mission and worship for nearly 900 yrs. Here are some facts about this ancient Cathedral. The South Transept is the main entrance to the Cathedral. In the tower hangs the cathedrals thirteen bells completed in 2005. The Organ was built by Henry (father) Wills in 1856.It has since been rebuilt in 1907, 1962 and 1997. The bishops throne dates from 1880. In Latin this is called the cathedral hence the name cathedral. The chapels within the cathedral are called St Wilfrid`s Chapel, behind the alter is the Brougham Triptych, carved in Antwerp c1515. The other Chapel is called St Michael`s Chapel, this chapel is used for private prayer. This is a beautiful Cathedral to wander around, Aaron lite some candles for his brothers Daniel & Callum. He also lite one for Simon hoping his illness stays away.
web address for more info about the cathedral is
Next stop was the Castle. There is lots to see as you step through the outer gatehouse which is the main way into the castle since 1167. This is were the constable lived and worked.The castle like the cathedral has stood for 900 yrs. Some facts about the castle are : In 1315 Robert the Bruce of Scotland tried to capture the castle.It rained so much that his soldiers and equipment got stuck in the mud. Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner here in 1568 ? Henry 1 started the building of the keep in 1122. David of Scotland had it finished. This was the strongest part of the castle.
Also at the castle is the Cumbria Military Museum, this is at present out growing it present location in Queen Mary`s Tower and may possibly move in the future. The museum has many items from different world wars and is extremely interesting to walk around.
The day went so incredible fast but we managed to see all we wanted.

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