Monday, March 1, 2010

Caravan Camping & Boat Show NEC Birmingham

What a fabulous day out. We were lucky enough to win tickets for the Caravan, Camping & Boat show at the NEC Birmingham. Leaving early we headed down the motorway.

The show was divided into 5 sections, we firstly visited the caravan show. Also here was an exhibition for guide dogs for the blind. Before Dad died I was looking into having a disability dog for him he was on the list as he qualified for a dog that would have helped him, disability dogs are specially trained to meet the requirements of the disabled person, Daniel was being access to enable the dog to meet his needs.
The guide dogs were fascinating, they certainly do a great job protecting their blind owners for dangers around. Living in a world of darkness is a terrifying prospect.

It wasn't long before we met up with Dave the Rave. We had a good time catching up. Over the years I have spend a lot of time with Dave as he was Daniel`s family aid for many years. Placed with by social services because of the trouble I was having at home at the time. Dave would spent time at our home and going for days out with us. We formed a really good friendship over the years. He like everyone else was heartbroken when Daniel died. He spent many hours at Daniel`s bedside during the final days of his life willing him to pull through.
Thanks Dave for being such a good friend.

Moving on we entered the boat show. This was fascinating, there was a vast range of boats. Some priced at £200.000 pounds. We had a fab time exploring the luscious sailing boats.
The one that caught my eye was a manageable inflatable boat with a 2 hp outboard. Aaron wants us to buy it, so we can go sailing on Bala lake and River Dee at Chester ? They weren't that expensive the price quoted included brand new outboard motor running on petrol & two stroke. I may get one you never no as it will fit in the camper easy, and its ideal for Aaron, Fred and I ???.
Before Dave left to got back home we had already made arrangement`s to go on a few trips out in his boat docked near Shell Island and a few camping trips with him and his biker mates. First trip in a few weeks Easter so keep watching the blog, that should be good fun. Once again I can become one of the lads.

Moving on Aaron had the chance t go for a free scuba diving lesson. Blog above. This was an experience for him. He took to it like a duck to water.

Wandering around the rest of the show we saw camper vans and motor homes of all shapes and sizes. The were fantastic luxury.
There is nothing more fun than hitting the open road. With a motor home Home is were you park it.
I also spoke to the owner of a lovely camp site in the Lake District NR Kendal, we will be defiantly visiting this part of the country this year. Th site up north was very reasonable our dog is welcome and it in easy reach of Kendall and Lake Windermere. You never no we may have a boat by then to take with us. Cheap fun low maintenance.

We really enjoyed our day at the show especially as we had won the tickets in a competition.
Afterwards we headed into Birmingham Solihull to Hattie and Dave's house. they wanted us to stay over but Aaron had been asked to do a reading in Church the next morning. Instead we went out to a lovely pub in Solihull for a meal. Thanks you Dave and Hattie for taking us out for tea. xx
Leaving for home we got on M42 then M6 it wasn't long before we hit a massive traffic jam. The motorway had been shut for maintenance so we ended up having to got through Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton to get home it seem to take forever.
Anyhow we had a brilliant day.

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