Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fantastic Chilling Saturday - Fun Fair

What a lovely weekend we have had. Saturday we set off into town. We had a windfall this week so we went off to do some shopping. After having lunch with a friend in town, we headed off to the swimming pool. Today was the Splash session, the pool was filled with inflatables of all sizes. A huge inflatable adventure centre was placed in the middle of the pool.
Aaron had a great time along with the other children in the pool. Climbing aboard and making his way along and through the obstacles in his way. It was hard to stay on as the wetter it got the more slippy it went. The children fell of the side`s with ease. The end of this huge inflatable was a slide. It was good fun.
I managed to do a few length`s in the pool before, leaving Aaron playing and heading for a coffee in the cafe.
Later in the day as it grew dark we headed to the fair with a friend. Aaron went on quite a few rides. I also joined in and went on some.

The ride above was wild fast, with twists and turns. The music and strob lights were really good. We also went on the waltz and the swing.

Aaron went on a few rides himself. The twister above and the bumper cars. He is a demon driver on the bumper cars, the horns definatly appear on his head.

It was a lovely evening, before heading home we stopped off at the chip shop. This particular chip shop produces the best kebab ever on naan bread. After losing so much weight feeling fit and healthy no we all had a treat.

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