Monday, March 22, 2010

TY Canoloesol Penarth Fawr Medieval House

The Medieval House is set in the wild wilderness of the Llyn Peninsula NR Pwllheli. It is own by CADW. To get to it you have to follow a narrow lane. Opening out higher up the valley you come across a very old but well preserved house.
We parked up and had a wander around the sheep with their new born lambs were very inquisitive and came over to take a look at us.
The house itself was interesting Aaron and I explored our surrounding a ladder lead up stairs and another lead into the basement of the building.
Aaron and I really enjoy exploring these old houses this year with my CADW membership we will be able to enter any English Heritage site free of charge. Joys of living in Wales and all the benefits that come from it. Wales looks after it`s own along with the history within it.

Aaron and I intend to do a lot of travelling this year, visiting many places around the country and throughout Wales. Being on our own me beign a single mum offers the opportunity to do as we please. I have been let down by many people throughout my past especially by men. I have vowed never to let another man ever get close to me again. The last one was just a deceitful liar who hid a dark side to his personality. He failed me and let me down completely. I have now been given the name the Ice Queen by some of my friends. When it comes to men that what I am now man made cold as ice with a massive iceberg around me to protect myself and my son from evil that is out there.
Anyway coming off my soap box, Aaron and I are looking fwd to the months ahead with many trips and adventures planned already. We certainly wont be sitting at home festering, not allowed to live a life for yourself and growing old without living life to the full.

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