Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Corn Walk @@ Penybont L.E .

It was a day of catching up on on work. Aaron and I headed out with a mass of Avon delivery`s. After we had finished we headed off on a walk we havnet done for quite a while
The Corn Walk. this walk is south east of the village in Penybont L.E. It crosses the corn fields then heads off over styles, bridges and the fields. It`s a very pretty walk and leads back acorss the old railway line below is a photograph of the very old bridge.
Wrapping up warm as yet I have brewed up another chest infection. We walked slow on this walk due to me wheezing. I was keen to go on the night hike last night but I started this infection on Wednesday and was still to ill to walk that far in such rough terrain. Instead I ended up with an easy task on a check point with Malcom. You can read about the night hike on the blog below this one.
Below our the photographs form the Corn Walk ----

our house is in the distance in this photo above

The old railway bridge

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