Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hafan Y Mor Phewlli

Hafan y Mor



We had a lovely weekend at one of the best Haven flag ship sites in Phewlli Gwynedd.
We joined in lots of activities during the weekend.
We had a lovely time playing pool of course Aaron beat me many time`s. For his age is is quite a good player getting better all the time.

The site was very big, there were boat rides on the huge lake situated around the middle of the park.

The swimming pool on this site was fantastic. It had huge slides, water rapids, spa and adventure pools.
I ventured in once but found it very cold.

Not feeling 100% i decided to sit on the balcony and watch Aaron playing in the water. I bought myself a magazine and entered the competitions. Next week were off for a treat as I won another competition recently this is my 3rd prize in about a month. All will be revealed next week. But this I am very pleased with.

Aaron and I also had fun playing on the I play pictured opposite. We played a joint game and actually beat this clever game.

Pulling, pressing turning and stamping the appropriate buttons.

Quite a crowd gathered to watch our success.

We enjoyed wandering around the park. the site is the old Butlins site, a mix of chalets apartments and caravans.

We were in an apartment with was done up really well complete with all the essentials needed. Even FREE tea and coffee.

The site had lots of activities for us to do. The park was nice and there was a high ropes part.
It also had 3 huge showtime areas.

We stayed out late at night watching the shows and the bands.

Aaron also joined in the football training. The trainer couldn't believe how fast Aaron could dribble the ball through cones down the sports hall before controlling his kick to score some really good goals with his powerful kick using both feet.

We also had a really good game of badminton. I used to love playing this and we are going to look into clubs in the area so we can continue playing this game.The shows at the park were really good. This time we actually watched the character performing. Remembering Daniel having such a good time at these parks it brought tears to my eyes.

We made many Friends over the weekend.
We had a pleasant time.
Nearly forgot on the way we stopped at Porthmadog for lunch.
Aaron hadn't been well before we left he had been off school for a couple of days the week before.
On the way home again he was very poorly being sick with really bad headaches. Now Tuesday he is alot better looking fwd to inset taster day at his new school tomorrow. Dont now who is more nervous. To be honest its me this is a huge step for Aaron.

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