Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Time In Powys

Spring has arrived in Powys Mid Wales, all around us are the familiar sounds of the up and coming season. The weather is at last warming up and the sunshine warms the air around.
Behind our home and in many fields across the valley the little lambs are starting to appear. You can see them bouncing across the field`s snow white coats of cotton wool bobbing before your eyes. It is a wonderful site to see.
If you stop and listen the sounds of the chirping birds fill the spring air. The rustling in the eves of the house give way to the small whimpers of the baby birds.
Tractors are again out and about in the field were the grass is starting to grow and the spring flowers are budding through the soil.
The dark nights are drifting away as the days draw longer.
Each season living in the wonderful countryside of Wales has a unique way of with holding the beauty that surrounds us.
Spring is surely one of my favourite times of the years as nothing can beat the site of the tiny new born lamb`s bounding around our home. There is nothing more relaxing than watching and listening to the sound of spring.
This year is proving to be a turning point in our lives with many new adventures ahead of us. We have so much to now look forward to.

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