Friday, February 26, 2010

Aaron Joins Martial Arts Class

This week Aaron, started to attend the marital arts, self defence and fitness class. He had a wonderful time learning all the moves to protect himself. The classes are unique, they teach children how to defend and protect themselves, discipline and Martial arts moves. Keep fit is also dealt with during the class.

These classes are really good Aaron`s class is similar to the adult class which I attend. We both really enjoy are new life style of keeping healthy and fit.

Keeping fit has always been important to me. Having Daniel you had to be fit and healthy to cope with his size and weight. Both Aaron and I managed him very well.

After losing Daniel all my efforts were put aside. The loss of Daniel hit both Aaron and I very hard. I then fell into a rut which is understandable.

I then met a man, not long after the death of my son, who I thought was very special but again disappointment struck when he turned out to be yet another rotten egg that came into our lives. Thankfully listening to what both his and my friends have said I no he isn't worth it.

Some men have no morals or regard for the feelings of others. It shows the way they are brought up. Selfish and certainly not worth your tears.

The harsh fact is they have to live with themselves for what they have done, I no if I treated any living thing badly from plant to man I couldn't live with myself knowing I have done them harm and wronged them.

My son will be brought up properly to care, think off and respect the feelings of other living creatures on this planet.

Anyway enough of that, now I have got that off my chest.

Our keep fit sessions are proving very worth while. Recently we have also won a few completions. One was a Wii Fit which we are having great fun with. We also were lucky enough to win tickets to a show in Birmingham. ( next blog up ) Wait and see.

Wonder what we will be lucky enough to win next ??????

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