Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mother`s Day In Chester

Mother`s day saw us heading out early. It was always going to be a hard day as my baby son Callum died Mother`s day 14 yrs ago.
David ( Aaron`s dad ) and I decided it would be nice to visit the grave of our children together, we have not done this for many years, so it was a pleasant change. It has been nice to be able to put our differences aside, and to be able to talk.
After picking David up the three of us headed to Chirk car boot. Here I got a wonderful book about the gypsy`s of old. I am thrilled with it. After a coffee at McDonald's we headed off through Chester.
Reaching the grave we placed some flowers on along with a pot of Daffodils for our lost children.

Next we headed off up to Chester. Parking up we headed for a walk around the Walls and the shops. We had lunch out side a little pasty shop. Later heading back we walked through the roman gardens and along the river.
For once we had a pleasant day out and didn't even argue once. It`s a miracle.

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