Saturday, May 30, 2009

FA Cup Final Weekend Trip To See Aaron`s Nana May 09

After watching the FA cup final on Saturday and of course Britain`s Got Talent, Sunday saw us heading to Liverpool for a visit to our family. We visited Aaron Nana T, his cousin Dylan and Aunt Lorraine.
We all headed for a walk to the park taking a mini picnic along with us. the boys whom are close in age went to play on the climbing frames and the swings. Later on they headed off to play with a group of boys, They had a game of football. Both boys having a good time. So did us grown ups swinging on the swings.
After a while we headed back to Nana`s for a lovely roast she had cook for us all. She has taken Aaron under her wing and Aaron really enjoys visiting his new family and having two Nana`s now. He also has a lovely time playing with Dylan.
Later on we headed to Lorraine`s house for a cuppa and ice cream before heading home. Lorraine and I went on her computer I showed her a few things on it. The boys nagged Billy to take them back to the park for a game of football. He took them with pleasure. After a while it was time for us to head back to sunny Mid Wales our beautiful home.

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