Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dudley Canal Tunnels May 09

This trip was quite amazing. We boarded the canal barge firstly putting on our hard hats. The boat left the sidings and headed through the Dudley Canal tunnel along with the amazing limestone caverns.
The driver of the boat was quite comical with his cometary. He told us the history of the canal tunnels and caverns.
We discovered a World of Wonders Underneath the Black Country town of Dudley. We saw the network of underground canal routes that helped form the 19Th Century Black Country. Dudley Canal Trust has been restoring the underground waterways since the early 60's. The trip was fantastic. The light displays in the caverns were spectacular.
We all really enjoyed the trip. Aaron even got to have a chance of legging the boat through the tunnels. The captain of the boat was very impressed he gave him a certificate for doing so well. Aaron got up in front of a boat full of people to do this task. What a confident little boy he is now. Below are some of the photographs we took during the trip more can be seen on the photo album web site link opposite.

Above a proud boy with yet another certificate to add to his collection. Below is a link to the web site about Dudley Canal Tunnels.

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