Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Bank Holiday Camping Angelsey

On a sunny then drizzly bank holiday we all headed to Angelsey camping. Fred the Dog came too along with Me, Billy, Aaron and Aaron`s friend Rhys.

We were determined not to let rain stop play. Reaching camp we set up our tent a 4 berth litchfield. Very roomy and comfortable within two minutes the air beds were inflated thanks to the pump now fitted to the camper. So night time is comfortable sleeping under canvas with are warm sleeping bags.

After setting up camp we then made our tea via a camp fire and the camper van stove. After tea Billy and I took Fred for a walk. The boys (Aaron & Rhys) by this time had made a lot of friends and were happily playing football on the field.

Before bed we had a drink in the camp site bar room.

The site was nice with a swimming pool and was sited near Red Wharf Bay on the south east part of the Island.
It was a pleasant stay even though we had a bit of rain. The final day we all helped to dismantle the tent in no time.
During our stay in Angelsey we visited many places which are listed in the blogs below.
After our visit to Penrth castle we headed home stopping off at Betws y coed for a fish and chip supper next to the raging river and rapids. Here are some photographs of our stop.

This spot on the banks of the river hold special memories as we visited here many times when the boys were small I have many photographs of them both sitting on the rocks. Daniel enjoyed watching the water here when he was small he would long to go in for a swim not realising how fast the water was. I had to keep a very close eye on him at all times.

There is a lovely fish and chip shop across the bridge. The chips are really nice here.

Betws y coed is a lovely place there is a mini railway here which again we visited many times when the boys were small. Daniel adored trains and this was one of his favourite days out. I have not ventured near the trains since he died as the memory's for both myself and Aaron would be far to heart breaking knowing how happy and how much Daniel enjoyed his time here. My book tells many tales of the life of Daniel.

Anyway we started our last leg of our journey home dropping Rhys off on the way. It was gone 7 by the time we came in my leg had gone completely and I was struggling to walk. I checked the shop to find I had near 50 parcels to post. So guess what I was doing most of the day Tuesday wrapping up parcels, along with also going to work to run Kids Club and breakfast club too.
What a lovely weekend we had visiting yet again more beautiful places on our travels. Please read blogs below some great photographs on display. You can find more photographs on our on line photo`s
web link to Betws y coed http://www.betws-y-coed.com/

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