Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christening In Liverpool May 09

We headed out to Liverpool bright and early for a christening. Billy`s Cousin Gillian was having her two children christened today Yuan 5 & Owen a few months old.

Gillian, Billy`s cousin is a very nice lady and very friendly we get on really well. All of Billy`s family have excepted both Aaron and I into the fold with open arms. They are a well known family throughout Liverpool.

We attended the service at the church which was lovely. Aaron received a blessing and was given communion by the vicar. the children were well behaved as they were christened.

After the service we headed for a party. Here we all had great fun. By this time we had met up with Billy`s family.

Aaron and Dillion had a great time getting up to lots of mischief.
There was a disco, children's games and an children's entertainer at the party. " Mr Stix`s "

The boys had a wonderful time winding Mr Stix`s up. Mr Stix`s was giving everything stick. The only one he didn't upset was me. As he said " he never new there was such good looking women living in Wales. "
Billy was extremely chuffed by his words putting his arm around me proudly saying " and she`s mine."

At the party there was a lovely buffet lunch which included tikka curry baked potatoes.
Aaron and Dillion ate lots of different things. They had a wonderful time playing together.

The entertainment also including circus tricks and the children were given spinning plates. This was a lot of fun Aaron and I eventually mastered the art of spinning plates. Balloon`s were also made into different types of animails and objects.

The day went far to quickly we went to Billy`s mum`s for a quick cup of tea before heading home.
What a lovely day we had.

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