Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Penrhyn Castle Bangor Bank Holiday May 09

Driving through the main gates of Penrth Castle we entered the grounds. Firstly taking Fred For a walk around the grounds. We then made lunch in the camper. Leaving Fred with his dinner and bowl of water we headed up to the castle.

Well we would all recommend a visit to this one it was beautiful. Set high up a hill with views extending for miles. The surrounding gardens are beautiful with lovely coloured bushes and plants.
Entering the castle we picked up a quiz sheet. I read out the questions whilst Billy, Aaron and Rhys found the answers all whispering them to me in turn to see who was right.

The main hall was spectacular along with many of the other rooms in fact this has to be one of the best castles we have visited. The quiz was really good and they all managed to get all the questions right. From walking through the main rooms we also visited the servant quarters and the kitchens. This is such a brilliant place to explore the boys loved it.

Also within the castle walls is the display of really old steam engines also a model railway museum. We looked around here for some time.

Another display holds a collection of old dolls I really enjoyed this area they were lovely all in fantastic condition for there age.

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