Monday, May 25, 2009

Picnic In the Sunshine Ty Mawr May Bank Holiday 07

A lovely sunny day took us for a stroll around the country park NR Cefn Mawr.
Ty Mawr country park stands partly on the banks of the River Dee. Billy, Myself, Aaron, Jake ( Aaron`s Friend ) and our happy cocker spaniel Fred climbed into our VW, with pop music playing, windows down, wind blowing through our hair, singing all the way the VW was a rocking all the way down the bypass.
We made a picnic, loaded the van with the boys bikes before we left.

Parking up at the park the boys cycled off to the BMX track. They played here for a while whilst Billy and I had a refreshing cup of tea.

Next we headed off around the park visiting the animals, as we wandered down to the rivers edge.

At the river we sat on the bench, settling down to eat our home made picnic. Which was rather Yummy.

Next we headed to the river. Fred was now off his lead jumping in and out of the water having a great time. The boys got a bit wet cycling through the shallow waters with there bikes. (least the bikes got a wash, so did the boys)

We had a lovely afternoon in the park before heading home to beautiful sunny Mid Wales. Living here is like being on holiday every day of your life.

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