Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plas Newydd Anglesey Bank Holiday May 09

Plas Newydd stands on the banks of the not far from menai straits the Britannia Bridge which links the Island to main land Wales.

Standing in magnificent grounds and gardens the house Plas Newydd can be seen after a short walk from the main gate. Behind the house the views across the bay are beautiful.

Entering the house you stand in the main hall way before entering the rest of the house. The house is in fantastic condition with many rooms to explore. Aaron enjoys exploring these old houses and always enters with a quiz which asks questions as you go around the house.

The Rex Whitter room was one of my favourites with a painted canvass from one end of the room to the other. At each end of the room was a painting of coats of arms which looked 3D upon the canvass.

The main picture mural was of Anglesey again this looked 3D in parts. Neptune the god of the sea was also hidden amongst the painting along with other little surprises.

A display of the battle of Waterloo was also fascinating. A huge painting span the width of the room. Check Spelling
One story told of Marquiss of Anglesey Earl Uxbridge who got blasted in the leg by a Cannon shot. His leg was amputated without anesthetic `ouch `. There was a display of his false leg and army uniform in the collection.

After a good look around we headed back to the camper and Fred.

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