Friday, June 12, 2009

Rainey Weekend & Pro-Active Adventure June 09

It was a very wet weekend here in wales. This weekend we took a trip to the shops, then caught up on a few jobs around our house. We love owning our own home as money is never wasted paying hundreds of pounds of rent out month after month on a house that will never be yours. The house has been decorated from top to bottom over the last few years and is very cosy and comfortable to live in. We all adore living in the beautiful countryside with views of the Tanant Valley to die for. Home surly is where the heart is.
After doing our chores we chilled out and watched a couple of movies. It was a relaxing weekend as Aaron was off on a school trip on the Monday for a few days. All the children from KS2 went on a pro active adventure. They visited Tyn Dwr Llangollen Activity Centre. Click here for web link. . The children went canoeing, rock climbing, team building, gorge walking, orienteering and BMXing. They were away for a few days on the trip. Aaron intends to write his own blog entry about the trip at a later date.

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