Monday, May 18, 2009

Splash World Southport & Naked men Crosby Beach May 09

We headed to Liverpool this weekend to stay with Billy`s mum. Meeting up with Lorraine my sister in law we headed up to Southport with the boys.

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Reaching Splash World they became very excited. Splash world is a huge swimming complex with huge slides that even go outside the building.

Aaron and Dillion had a fantastic time running under buckets that tipped when filled with water causing a huge wave of water.

There we also water guns that you could fire, a Jacuzzi, rapid ride. water shuts, showers and of course the huge water slides.

They were in there for hours, it was very warm inside so they were both very hungry and thirsty when they came out. After wards we head to The Bay Horse carvery in Formby for our tea.

Naked Men Crosby Beach

During the evening we headed over to Crosby beach. We walked onto the beach to look at the naked iron men that stand in the sea.

The tide was coming infast so we couldn`t walk right to them. The boys enjoyed playing in the sand for a while and on the nearby rocks.
We took in the views of the Wirral and North Wales. Crosby beach has far reaching views of the coast line of the Wirral and Wales. Soon it was time to head back to Billy`s mum`s. Dillion decided he wanted to stay with us for the night. So we all settled down with a cup of tea and watched Britain`s Got Talent. the boys love this show. Aaron also entertained us with his impressions having us all in stitches.

Above a lovely photograph of Aaron with the sun setting over the sea Crosby beach Liverpool.

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