Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowdrops At Sunset : Spring Walk With The Dogs

It has been a lovely couple of days, Aaron and went for a walk coming up to sunset. I love to look at the flowers this time of year. They come along when the winter months are coming to an end. Snowdrops and daffodils being two of my favourite spring flowers. 
The dogs enjoyed their walk as they always do. Poor Fred is now showing his age, he has done well for his near 15 years. I am concerned for his health as he is not as good as he has been in the past. Reggie is his big fluffy friend and is now helping to guide Fred around. We also have a set of bells to help Fred find his way as he is totally blind now in both eyes. Fred is still a happy dog and enjoys his daily walks. He has a new coat as you can see below. We love to walk all of us living in open countryside and the Tanat Valley is like being on holiday every day. Pure beauty.

heading home 

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