Monday, March 4, 2013

Fibromyalgia Witch

Well today think its Sunday has been one of those fibro days.
Throughout the night the pains have been bad throughout my body.
Shooting pains in neck, shoulders, ankles, hips and a constant throb in my knee.
The pain in that knee us really p*****g me off today. Physio has not worked to date in fact I'd say its been worse. I tried to us it a different way and was greeted with the pleasure of falling down the steps if the Empire nearly taking Simon with me and that will never do. Knee knows best it needs to be used as its accustomed to.
Bones crack and grind today not the pleasantest of noises to listen to.
Hand splints are working well they still give me a mega amount of grief. Strapped up they work well. I am allergic to the metal and velcro but have overcome that with gloves under them all smiles on that one.
Having seen the experts Friday regarding my condition of Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome a meeting which lasted over 1 hour. They decided I was one of their good cases. They wanted me to go residential for 3 weeks to Brecon  I do think there is a lot of research going on trying to find out more about this condition.
When they asked what do I feel has caused it my answer was complete and straight to the point trauma. This condition is the bodies way of saying enough is enough. I do not think anything will stop this condition. There will be good days and bad days at the moment I have a nasty flare up which has lasted over 3 days.
The exhaustion bothers me most it is so hard carrying out everyday tasks. The tiredness is over whelming  Just don't feel like you want to move a muscle. Being a busy lady I push on fighting the fatigue. The specialist was so pleased I was working and had not given it up. I enjoy my work each job I have is different. I am determined not to let this condition effect my work but sometimes especially with Ebay I find I get lost in the fog. This apparently is quite normal.

On good days you tend to feel over the moon and quite high lots of energy. I may have Fibromyalgia but you can be sure this condition will not effect the smiling face I have most of the time. I no there are plenty more Fibromyalgia witches out there and I am glad I have met some just like me. 

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